Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Man In the Mirror

This song addresses a number of things that can be looked at psychoanalytically. Obviously, one the first thing that comes to mind is Lacan's mirror stage, which many people have already talked about. However, I find it more interesting to look at when he says, "I'm gonna feel real good now." On the surface, it's easy to see this as simply talking about the good feelings that come from helping others. But looking at it psychoanalytically, there could be more to see. Why does he suddenly have the urge to feel better? Is there some reason or reasons from his past that have made him unhappy? The way he says it makes me feel like he has been looking for something that will make him feel better for a long time now, suggesting a painful past and general unhappiness.

I don't necessarily think that MJ is referring to his relationship with his dad when he says he has "been a victim to a selfish kind of love". In the way he talks to himself and refers to himself as the Man In the Mirror, I get the idea that he is talking about himself, and how he has victimized himself with his selfish love- love for himself and ignorance of the pain of others. I think he feels guilty about his wealth and is ready to make changes within himself and his way of looking at the world to make the world better. Which will, in turn, make him feel happy.

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