Sunday, February 3, 2008

Axe Deodorant: With Added BomChickaWahWah

I decided to do a commercial that has always annoyed me: the infamous Axe Deodorant commercial, with added BomChickaWahWah. The Axe Deodorant commercials usually have an “Average Joe” kind of guy that always manages to make a woman, or sometimes women, go crazy over them simply because they are wearing Axe Deodorant. It’s obvious that the commercial is strictly marketing towards young males with the idea of wearing Axe means you’ll get laid. It’s pretty plain and simple. But these batch of Axe commercials – the BomChickaWahWah ones – are extremely annoying because of the absurdity and the annoying little BomChickaWahWah at the end.

The add, which appeals to young men, knows exactly what its demographic wants to see: sex. So, by promoting sex in its commercials, it is strictly focusing on the young male demographic to which it is advertising to. The girl in the commercial, who is quite young and really good looking, already grabs a guy’s attention. Then, as she smells the dentist, she immediately goes from calm to horny in .5 seconds. She responds to the smell of his Axe with the inevitable “BomChickaWahWah” and then, to further promote sex, she grabs the pole of the dentist machinery and starts stroking it (an obvious sexual act) and then the smell becomes so intoxicating, the girl then begins to rub her legs together, claws the dentist’s seat she is sitting in, and spits out the cotton in her mouth – all of which are nods to sex itself.

The commercial and others like it from Axe are working because sales of the deodorant have been on the increase since 2005 and the company only has one demographic to reach for its product, young males. These commercials cater perfectly to them and only them, so there is no time wasted on trying to reach out to more than one demographic.

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