Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Clarissa is a very interesting character within the film "The Hours." Although she does seem to enjoy her domestic life, her contemplations leave her questioning of her life somewhat leave her happiness "up in the air." It is important to note that although she does not despise her domestic home life, a part of her contemplates the decisions that she has made for herself over the years. Within these contemplations, one is able to notice the ambiguity of her belief that she has made the "correct" decisions. This is important to note under the Feminist Analysis of a text or film, because although a woman may search for her own identity, it does not necessarily mean that she disconnects herself with any type of domesticity in her life. Clarissa seems to be happy with her domestic life, but her contemplations may tell us otherwise. The reflections of her past love affair leave her wondering if she has in fact made the right decisions for herself throughout her own lifetime. Clarissa seems to be caught between the dichotomy of the happiness of the present and the "what if" of past decisions. Her contemplations can be closely related to Sylvia Plath's poetry. Although Plath seems to show happiness in her children, as Clarissa seems to show happiness in present-day life, she feels captivated and bound by her husband, and even her father, as Clarissa does to her past love affair.

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