Monday, February 18, 2008

The Unconscious in Lebowski

The movie has multiple hidden elements working within it. Every character seems to be taken to the ultimate level of their circumstance, Walter invokes every stereotype of a Vietnam veteran, "The Dude" Lebowski shows many assumptions about the lower class of society, Tara Reid epitomizes the stereotype of a gold digger, and the trend continues within almost every character. These over exaggerated portrayals of the characters mixed with the larger than life plot line of movie suggest greater connotations and commentary that the viewer is made aware due to the flow of the movie. The surreal sections of the movie put the it in a world that is not separated from the perception of the mind and is in fact working with it. When "The Dude" slips into his mental hallucinations/dream sequences it subconsciously asks the viewer to be aware of the underlying elements of the movie and helps to make the larger themes of the movie more apparent. These larger themes point toward a social commentary and analysis of class and gender roles within society. The opening scene of the movie also helps to add to this grander view of the plot which makes the dysfunctional characters stand out even more starkly.

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