Thursday, February 14, 2008

As Requested - A Blog about My Dream

The dream I chose to write about was actually a pretty odd nightmare, of which I do not have many. It occurred early in the morning of January 18th, as a frame of reference. It was quite simple, really, and might have been preceded by other dreams that had some sort of connection to it.

The nightmare was, in totality, a view through my eyes of another face, but one with solid black eyes. This sounds pretty simple, I know, but it did not speak with words, but rather seemed to speak with a placard like out of a silent movie. The placard read simply "You can never go back." I am at a loss as to what this means, exactly, but I do have some ideas. In my class writing exercise over it, I considered the possiblity that it was some sort of fear coming to the surface, such as my fear of failure, etc.

However, with more thought, I begin to think it linked with a recent situation I found myself in. You see, a good friend of mine recently died from a horrible form of cancer that ate away at his spine and brain. Those less-than-necessary details aside, he always told me he would haunt me in a specific situation after his death (we knew well in advance his death would come this way, you see, given the prevalence of cancer in his family). This contingency was that I would endanger my college career by trying to take time off from classes to return to my distant home should he die while I was in said classes. I, of course, followed his advice when the tragedy occurred, but the nightmare happened weeks ahead of time. Perhaps it was a subconscious warning of myself, reminding myself that I needed to follow his wishes, because the time was close. This is just my idea, any others?

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