Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blade Runner Trailer Ad Analysis

Well, while it might not appeal to everyone, I still want to analyze the trailer I used in class for Blade Runner-The Final Cut. Now there was a reason I chose to use this trailer; for starters, I love this movie. It is arguably my most favorite movie of all time. Secondly, as with most trailers, it does its job well of getting the excitement revved up for this anticipated re-release, a good mixture of clips, music and memorable lines that made this film so good. Now, obviously the trailer, much like the film, is geared toward fans of science fiction and Blade Runner in general. This film originally came out in 1982 and while it was not an immediate hit when first released, it became a cult classic over time, seeing the eventual release of several different versions of the film and showing scifi fans everywhere, the next step in spectacular science fiction films. It planted the seeds for more exciting science fiction films of the 90’s to spread its ideas and qualities and take them to the next levels, hence 1995’s “Ghost in the Shell” and 1999’s “The Matrix “, among others.
The little gripe I do have about the trailer in terms of advertising is even though most fans know how amazing the movie is, it is still being tooted as an action adventure romp. This is not exactly true. While the film does have its fair share of action, it is a deep thinking, film noir-esque story delving deep into the mystery of what it means to be human in a world of advancing robotics and genetically engineered humanoids. Now, granted the story is fascinating, for those who have not seen Blade Runner at all, they might find themselves turned off and turned away based on expectations that the trailer presents. Just like audiences in 1982, who expected the film to be a strong action film for Harrison Ford in the wake of “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, there will be those (like the many people in class the other day) who might not go near the film for this simple fact.
So yes, those who have never seen or heard of Blade Runner may not want to check it out simply because it’s not their cup of tea. However, fans of the film who know the story and have never seen it on the big screen, will feel their blood pumping with the several darkend images and memorable quotes echoing across the screen. This film, while not for all, should be seen by all. And for fans of the genre, this is definitely not a film to be missed.
“More human than human is our motto.”

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