Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Hours

After viewing this movie I was torn. I didn’t know if I enjoyed the movie or not. The concept of having three women in three different time periods is one I have never heard of. Wolf was the most intriguing character to me personally. The first scene of her writing a letter to her husband and then in the process of taking her own life was shocking to me. Wolf was faced with the constant struggle of being normal. That is all she wanted but was battling with her voices and unbearable headaches. She was so very sensitive to all of the aspects of the world that is what made her writing so interesting. There was so much detail that it was easy for it to be lived out in reality again. The most intriguing person in the movie was Wolf’s husband. Leonard had some much love and compassion for her it was almost insane. He changed his entire life for her to be accommodated. The way that Virginia has treated him and the way that he responds to her is amazing to me. He was fulfilling his duty as a husband to take the best care of his wife and she went and killed herself.

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