Sunday, February 24, 2008


As we see in all of the Susan Faludi chapters, women still do not have equal rights as men. They are not treated fairly and not respected as women. One could say that women are seen as objects and not intellectual beings as they are. The static’s speak for them when she explained the number of women working in fortune 500 companies and just in the workplace in general. These are problems that I do not think have changed even now in 2008. I think that some of these numbers are old. I would like to see the results from these same polls today. The idea of blaming feminism on all of women’s problems in getting jobs and their success with men I believe is a stretch. Some of these problems come with popular culture and social norms of society. The biggest gap that I see is in education and how women make as much money as someone with out a college degree after they graduate. Along with that there is a large gap between funding and popularity between women and men’s sports. Men get hands down a significantly larger amount of funding no mater the sport.

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Bernard the Hotness said...

I understand the lack of citations are a bit daunting, but I don't think that it is that great of a setback. From reading this, we can see the reality of the situation by just opening our eyes and remembering how women are viewed on TV, especially in commercials, in magazine advertisements even moreso. Further, I believe that these statistics that Faludi pushes forth are easy to fact-check, considering the advent of Google and, on a slightly lower level, Wikipedia. I checked some of the facts and they turned out right--being a feminist in a backlashing society, I'm sure she had to make sure her facts are straight because I'm sure she had to expect some sort of backlash against her backlash against the backlash of....ummm...well, you get the point. Google.