Monday, February 18, 2008

The Big L

The movie shows the differences between classes. The “Dude” was never shown in any position that would show him in a higher class. Through out the movie his clothes were dingy and didn’t look clean cut like the rest of the cast. This movie is the epitome of a lower class citizen trying to live his life and gets mixed up with something he didn’t even want to be mixed up with. I would call it guilty by association. The movie is building stereotypes, stating that when you are a lower class citizen you are at the liberty of all people of a higher class. For the beginning to the end we see “The Dude” getting bossed around and beat up through out the movie. He is at a constant struggle with him self and his peers. His peers who are low class might even be lower than “The Dude” creating even more problems through out his life.

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