Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ad Analysis: Smart Water

The advertisement I decided to look at is one for Smart Water which appeared in the latest issue of ESPN the Magazine. The advertisement features Tom Brady, the quarterback of the New England Patriots. In the advertisement, we see Brady wearing a suit, carrying a breifcase, but walking on a football field. In the background of the picture there is a helicopter, presumably leaving the field after dropping off Brady. The fact that Brady is in the advertisement, coupled with the advertisement being in ESPN tells us some things. This is important because sports fans will all be fimiliar with Brady on a level where they will draw conclusions about the product. Brady is seen as a playboy who dates models and actresses, he has also been voted best dressed man in the world by GQ Magazine. Brady possesses many ideals of classis masculinity, he is both attractive to women and idealized by some men for his athletic abilities. This advertisement tells us as consumers that we can be more like Tom Brady if we drink this water. We see that the power he has is evident in the ad, which tells us that Brady is so important he has a helicopter pick him up and drop him off from the football field. The fact that Brady is dressed like a business man may be an attempt to make people who wear suits to their jobs every day feel connected with Brady. Overall, this advertisement works to connect sports fans to a product by using one of the most visible and well known athletes in the world of American sports.

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