Thursday, February 21, 2008

Faludi and the Modern Woman

I am inclined to agree with Roger and Jake on several points. Some of my concerns with the readings deal with the fact that, in the end, Faludi is just too repetitive. I completely appreciate the point(s) she is championing, but maybe being a little less trigger-happy would help her presentation. I see truth in what she says; I come from a working class, single parent household. I was raised by a mother who made roughly $20,000 a year. 

I have grown up seeing strong women presented on television, just as Jake and Roger asserted. I als
grew up seeing a strong woman in my own home. Perhaps there are a large number of men out there who are terrified of the idea of having to compete with female counterparts, but I have never been one of them.

Many of Faludi's statistical assertions are difficult to take in all at once. From what I have pieced together, I can say I agree with her. All people should marry and reproduce later in life, after having completed school and becoming set within a career. I feel in our modern world that is becoming common sense. Aside from this, it seems much of Faludi's point seems to be directed at outdated concerns of women living lives as "baby factories." While this should not be the sole purpose of a woman's life, it is something that only a woman can do. Believe me, if I could bear a child in place of a future hypothetical wife, I would, just for the sake of fairness. This is, however, completely impossible.

Some sort of middle ground must be struck. That's just my opinion.

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