Monday, February 18, 2008

"The Big Lebowski" Loves War and Girl Power

I really don’t know what to write on about this movie, so I am just going to wing it. I have seen this film before on bus rides to swimming & diving meets, but never really paid too much attention to the film, but I definitely noticed some interesting things about “The Big Lebowski” when in a controlled environment.

One of the major themes I noticed was the whole aspect of war. Walter (played by John Goodman) always brings up Vietnam when he is in a situation where he feels he is being threatened. When he is in the restaurant and gets all worked up about the way The Dude is acting, the waitress comes over and politely asks him to quiet down. He immediately goes into a rant about fighting in Vietnam to protect this woman’s rights and his rights so they can be free…and loud in family restaurants. These Vietnam references are not only expressed loudly (literally) but also refer to Walter seeing his friends dying and getting blown up right next to him.

Another theme I noticed in this film was the idea of female empowerment. Maude is the epitome of the new generation’s female. She is strong, stern, and knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. For instance, she has sex with The Dude, only to tell him she did it to get pregnant, but that he shouldn’t worry because she wanted to get impregnated by a man who wouldn’t want to see the child. Not only is she a free thinker and a determined woman, but she also wants full control of her life, and gets it. On the other hand, the “slut” known as Bunny knows what she wants, mostly sexual things (like when she offers The Dude a blowjob for $1000), but also has the free reign to do whatever she wants – case in point, fleeing the town to go visit friends (pretty much the whole plot of the movie is her missing and no one knowing where she is).

The film touches on so many other things, but these two really stuck out to me. I understand that we have to watch “The Hours” for Wednesday, which is funny, because Julianne Moore is in that film, too (she played Maude in this film).

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