Friday, February 22, 2008

"Blame it on Feminism"

I am not going to beat a dead horse. I agree with many of my fellow classmates that I often found Fauldi’s arguments troubling or lacking certain types of validity. It is difficult for us to accept her arguments when she is lacking citation or sources. But I do not want to touch on this because I think that Jake did a tremendous job of this.

I rather liked the structure of her “Blame it on Feminism” piece. I thought that she did an adequate job of attempting to provide the other side of the argument in the first few pages. I found the quote from the Sheriff, page xii, very problematic. His quote seems to reflect his narrow-minded attitude along with his arrogance. (Also, Fauldi does not cite where she discovered this source). I think Fauldi did a good job of finding statements and arguments that contradict her own beliefs. Many of the arguments she presented appeared to be valid, many of them were in fact very factual. In a psychology class that I took last semester, in numerous sources and studies, it was shown that women’s infertility is, more often than not, caused by her career. It’s called “the working women’s disease.” One of the many factors for this ‘disease’ is a postponement of pregnancy to wait until a career blossoms but this postponement can also lead to an increase and stress and workload. Both of these issues lead to menopause. According to the articles and books that I read last year, there is not quite an “infertility epidemic” but there is a rising problem, which Fauldi claims does not exist. My biggest problem with this specific article is that Fauldi claims there is a country wide backlash to “reverse women’s quest for that equality” (xviii). Personally, I have not seen any type of backlash like this. I have not seen, in any shape or form, a backlash or attempt to try and revert women’s roles back to that of the 40s or 50s. I am by no means saying that women have reached complete equality, all I am saying is that I have not seen evidence to support the claim that women are being ushered back to the past.

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