Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ad Analysis: Budweiser Designated Driver

My ad is a Budweiser one which promotes the use of a designated driver for the holiday season.  It is from a December issue of Sports Illustrated.   It features a young, good-looking man accompanied by three extremely attractive girls of the same age.  One of these girls is holding car keys and another one is holding a wrapped present.

The sexual aspect of this ad is most intriguing to me.  I believe that it is playing to many a man's ultimate fantasy: a menage a trois (or quatre in this case).  The man in the ad has given up his keys, and has his hands around the waist of the girl who now holds these keys.  This girl is dressed up in winter garb, yet she still shows a little bit of skin on her waist. Also, the three women are of different ethnicities.  One looks to be Latin 
with dark hair, another one has brown hair with skin that is lighter, and 
the third is a blonde with very fair skin.  

I believe the ad is obviously intended for men, and it's message is that if you drink responsibly and have a designated driver, you will be rewarded handsomely.  Associating the chance to have three beautiful women with responsible drinking definitely speaks strongly to many men all around.  

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