Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Man in the Mirror

Obviously, Michael Jackson is reprimanding not only himself, but the entire culture of America while singing this song. Some elements of his past appear within this song, especially about the “selfish love” and the “kids in the street.” Michael Jackson had to overcome some oppression from his father during his lifetime. The fact that his parents tried to keep him a child by giving him hormones in order so that his voice would stay a good singing voice had to have a lasting impression on his childhood. Every child needs satisfaction given by their parents towards them, some form of confidence that they are good people and good children. Obviously, the somewhat perverted relationship that Michael Jackson had with his father plays a major role within this song. Now, his adult self is trying to “save” his child self psychologically. This appears heavily within psychoanalytic theory, and I believe that it is present here within the song “Man in the Mirror.”

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