Monday, February 18, 2008

Dream Analysis

My initial dream took place in an experimental theatre. I was with my girlfriend and a large group of my fraternity brothers. The actors of the theatre interacted with the audience by giving certain members baskets with name tags. The baskets held within them objects the shape and consistency of racquetballs. I was given a basket with circular shaped objects and a name tag that had not my name but my girlfriends. When I attempted to give the basket to her the actors became angry and would not let me. Several other people nearby received baskets with objects in the them but the objects were abstract and incomprehensible. There shapes and physical presence was continually shifting. The activity on stage as well as the set was very similar to the movie version of a Midsummer Night's Dream. The actors were wearing clothes in the similar style and the stage seemed to be an idyllic outdoor scene.

In analyzing this dream multiple connections and applications on my life. The theatre is connected in that I had visited a theatre that past weekend and had not enjoyed it. The fact that I was enjoying the play must have been a repressed desire to fulfill the high expectations I had held when attending the play. The racquetball type materials are significant because the day before this dream there had been an email fight within my fraternity email list about who would get to play in the IM tournament. The fact that the racquetballs within the baskets are only physically stable in my basket shows that I have made up my mind about the issue but that it is still in turmoil. The name tag with my girlfriends name on it and the presence of my fraternity brothers is possibly a repressed fear for loss of my self identity in the company of my peers while with my girlfriend. The fact that I attempted to correct the situation but that the dream goes on idyllically shows that I am not deeply bother by this issue.

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