Sunday, March 16, 2008

Southern Sadness

My God, Southern Comfort was sometimes a real pain to watch. I don’t mean this in a bad way (if anyone wants to live their lives as a different gender, that is their call and I’ve go no such right to pass judgment, let it be). It’s just a very sad story to hear and watch. This family of sex changed individuals not only living in the South of all places, but gathering around their cancer stricken father figure and friend was more of a torment to them than any of them may have been letting on. It only makes their way of life that much harder of a struggle to endure. It was even crueler to hear that no one wanted to help Robert because of his/her sexual orientation. The world can be a cruel place, no doubt, but this just makes me want to stay away from the south as much as possible on account of its sheer cruelty to anything and everything that is the slightest bit different from their mindsets. It just sickens me.

(BTW, is it just me or is this class rife with really sad stories and films that are full of depression and almost zero positive outlook on life?)

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