Thursday, March 13, 2008

Queen Dawn in Michael Field's "My Darling"

As I was going through this poem, for some reason the phrase "Queen Dawn" stuck out to me.  Surely there is a reason why these authors refer to dawn this way.  We know that the author is really two women in love with one another, so given that perhaps they wanted to conjure the image of a powerful, indeed the most powerful, woman they could with this poem.  What I find really  interesting is that when I think of dawn, I think of the sun as a masculine entity (one of action, heat, excessive power) while the earth traditionally may be thought of as a more feminine one.  For example, I think back to Plato's Symposium when he refers to the Children of the Sun who are represented by two male homosexual lovers joined into one entity and two conjoined female lovers as the Children of the Earth.  Here, however, they are feminizing a commonly-accepted masculine symbol.  This feminization plays with traditional roles in society and surely reflects their female homosexual relationship.

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