Sunday, March 16, 2008


Southern Comfort was a very interesting movie. I was very hard for me to understand what was going on at the start of the movie. We never really knew who the characters were and got vague description of their lives. With an issue as controversial as this one is I would like to know more about what thought process is going on for someone to go through with a lifestyle as they do not to mention a surgery. Along with Nick I was stumbling over my pronouns and still don’t know everyone’s sex. The biggest thing for me was how they never showed any interaction really with the world. They lived in their own bubbles and did not have much interaction. Lola was a man when she worked with the world so that she would not suffer financially because of her lifestyle. We saw that there was no social acceptance from the world of their lifestyles. The best example is Robert and his struggle to get medical attention to treat his cancer. I thought that this movie is very eye opening one and has allowed me to see a lifestyle that I might have never seen in my life time.

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