Saturday, March 15, 2008

Southern Comfort

It has been a full 24 hours since we finished seeing the documentary Southern Comfort and I find myself still speechless. Trying to describe the movie to friends and classmates is extremely difficult. To say that the movie was different is an understatement; I would venture to say that the movie was unsettling in certain parts. Anytime that the “males” would show the scares from their operations, I found myself averting my gaze or trying not to look directly at the scars on their chests. I know that I was not the only one who was slightly bothered by these pictures. There were other gentlemen in the class who were expressing the same stupefied looks. In general I think this movie was very shocking and disturbing and I have to believe that some of the other guys would agree with me in some shape or form. However, this does not mean that the movie is without merit and it was certainly very interesting.

The most interesting or intriguing part of the documentary was also the most disturbing part. As stated earlier, I found the scars very unsettling to look at but I also was very proud of the people on camera for displaying these ‘battle wounds’ openly. These ‘men’ believed that their transformation from female to male was complete or almost complete. Yet I look at them, and with their shirts off, I would be willing to call them almost horribly disfigured. They would not agree with me, they would see themselves as free from their former skin. It is strictly a matter of perception; I look at their bodies and cringe because it is not normal to me but through their eyes, they are not disfigured but rather finally ‘correct.’ This is such an interesting topic because it really boils down to what you (all individuals) believe is correct and natural. Personally, I am not against individuals who live this type of lifestyle, I just have never really dealt with or met any people like this. I find their lifestyles and personal choices different from my own and that is what I, and many other people, must learn to deal with. Once again, I am sure that there are other people who have similar views.

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