Sunday, March 16, 2008


Southern Comfort by Davis was an extremely powerful movie. There was a lot of information brought to a public that was not ready to fully comprehend.

There was a specific line that truly stuck with me. Robert says (something along the lines of) “my body reflects my feel. I felt like a heterosexual male, so my body had to reflect that”. Although I feel I butchered the exact quote, the message was clear. Robert, from a young age, had a connection with the traditional ideals and beliefs connected to the heterosexual male. To match this, she (at the time) changed her body to fit her traditional male beliefs. My question becomes, does this defy the norm or does this submit to it? The question may seem simple, but upon reflection, I am not sure what to believe. The idea that this women paid for the surgery that physically turned her into (what appears as) a heterosexual male is unique and amazing. However, did Robert become a male just because he believed that he can only be the way he is as a male? This kind of drifts to gender analyst, but is it not fair to say that Robert became a male because he thought that his sexual orientation and demeanor would only be accepted as a male? For me, it is difficult to say.

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