Thursday, March 27, 2008

Criticism by Eldred Durosimi Jones

The criticism is written very well. The flow of the piece follows the pattern of death, to who is supposed to die, to who actually dies. Even thought there are other aspects of the criticism that were good, i wish he would have focused more on the idea of duty. The second paragraph talks a little bit about Elesin's duty to the King as well as the people. Yet, I would rather the criticism focus more on the son. The son seemed to have a greater appreciation for the ritual, then the father. I was even shocked to see the son having no problem killing himself for the people and his king, which he was torn away from. I would ask if his being away gave him the greater sense of appreciation. The problem with thinking this is that Olunde has seems to carry the ideals of his people to Britain. This is seen just by his words to Jane about "your people." As he talks to Jane about the Capitan’s suicide he finds honor in dying for others. I would want to look closer into his character to find his true motivation of fulfilling his father duties.

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