Thursday, March 13, 2008

Michael Field's Maids

“Maids, not to you my mind doth change”, is a strong example of how the bond of a homosexual couple can overcome all despite the difficulties involved. In looking back on some of the key principles of Gay/Queer/Lesbian analysis, this poem reflects several, to be more precise, the first, third and fifth principles detailing sexuality’s connection to social existence, the differing attitudes between men and women surrounding sexuality, and social attitudes about sexuality differing significantly across cultures, classes, etc. From the start of the first stanza, it is clear that the nararrator has no real interest in men, to the point she defies their advances. Her sexual loyalty is to her maid, despite the mentioning of several negatives of such a relationship (pain and peril to name a few). She will be faithful despite the consequences and the odd looks from others. To her, the relationship is obviously not the most blessed upon by the public. To them it’s wrong, but to her, all she has to say is “Oh well…”

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