Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Wind.

This was a very interesting film that I thought was very well done. It seemed to me that the film was historically accurate, which is one of the most important aspects in films like these. The portrayal of the Irish was very heart wrenching and makes one think about your situation and the freedom that we have in this country. I could never fathom the choice that was made in coming back to fight for my country when I was about to leave and work my dream job. The Irish were very strong and brave people.
The scene that I was most fond of was when they were in the jail and the guard let the majority of them out of prison. This scene was significant to me because it explained their struggle. They have gone through it all. Before that there own friend, brother, and fellow solider was tortured, but still didn’t release any information. They were so strong as a cohesive group. They were only there for one cause and that was to free their people from the British.
Ps. What is a "Priest Infested Backwater". Lol.

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