Monday, January 28, 2008

The Decembrists

The Decembrists obviously understand and adhere to the metrical lyricism of poetry, as one can see when mapping out their metrical feet in the song, "The Island Come & See." It is interesting to hear the forcefulness of the singer as he sings the stressed syllables, and the quieter way in which he sings the unstressed syllables. The song is broken up into three succinct parts. Besides the actual musical changes within the song, one is able to notice a more subtle change when looking at the song's lyrics. The first portion of the song is written in iambs, with a masculine ending in each line. The second portion of the song is written using trochaics, with a feminine ending. The third portion of the song is written using both iambs and trochaics, with a mixture of masculine and feminine endings. The song-writer obviously paid attention to the sound and musicality of metrical feet and the changes that metrical feet can create within music, as well as poetry.

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