Monday, April 7, 2008

Infernal Machines of Desire and Gender Theory

Desiderio seems to have no problem succumbing to his sexual desires throughout the novel. When looking at Desiderio's sexuality as a means for executing his masculinity and domination over women the instances of pediphilia and rape come to the forefront as he uses his sexuality. The rape of Mary Anne, the constant sexual play with the nine year old Aoi, the daily sex with mama, and numerous other instances all give Desiderio power over those whom he interacts with.
This search for power through sex is turned on Desiderio when he is raped by the Acrobats of Desire. After using sex to give himself agency and a sense of masculine self worth, Desiderio becomes the object of desire and is raped. The Acrobats all rape him repetitively and this take away Desiderio's agency and masculine power. As the sexual themes throughout the book suggest this play with gender roles and the sexual agency of their desires is pervasive and powerful.

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