Thursday, April 17, 2008

Against Theory

When I first looked at the title of this article, I was quickly reminded of a conversation I had with Prof. Brewer in regards to her first viewing of "The Empire Strikes Back". Immediatley after she said it was simply, "ok", she began to apply several different critical theories to it. This almost drove me nuts as it didn't seem like she was watching the film for the sake of having a fun time watching a fun movie, but watching it for a critical analysis. In regards to this article, whether or not one critical theory applies to a particular text or film is 100% known to only the author, intended or unintended. Granted, as we have done with our recent presentations, applying such theories to our favorite subjects is interesting. But there are just sometimes when we have to sit back and enjoy our text or film for the sake of have a fun time, not feeling like we should have to work at applying something that might not even be there to begin with. Am I against theory or for it? I guess I'll have to say I'm half and half on the matter: can critical theory be applied to several mediums, yes. Should they on a reguler basis, well I wouldn't do so, enjoying a good book or film, as previously stated, shouldn't have to feel like an extended homework assignment.

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